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FSGNE Deland Studio


The Expressive Jeweler - Inspiration to Manifestation

Lesley Aine McKeown

Sept 2-3 and 9-10am

Each Sat for 4 weeks

12:00pm -2:30pm EST

Zoom Virtual Online Class

You’ve probably taken a ton of classes, learn how to make a project, often the teachers work. You may find this fun but ultimately unfulfilling. This class is not project based, it's about what is personal to you. All art begins with inspiration. In this class we will begin by looking at how what you see and how you feel influences your work and how to use design principles to create jewelry that is your voice not someone else's. You will be encouraged to push yourself and design a piece outside your comfort zone. You will be guided to explore techniques you have not used before. It will be hard, but it will also set you free!


Tension Set Rings and Earrings

Instructor: Lisa Johnson

Date: Dec 9-10, 2023


Lighthouse Art Center

Lisa will instruct the class in the creation a ring and a pair of earrings that use tension settings for faceted stones. Demonstrations include the blue prints and measurements for each piece, use of burrs, precision sawing and light hammering techniques. 


Students will have an opportunity to complete the ring and earring techniques taught by Lisa on  or to design and complete a second ring or another jewelry piece, such as a pendant. Each student should have experience using a jeweler's saw.

We Be Bezelin' The Encore

Instructor: Sam Woehrmann

Three classes, pick the one that works for you!

Date: Jan 18 - 21, 2024

9:30 AM

Amory Art Center

1-day Class Jan 18

A condensed version of the December 2022 workshop that introduced participants to Sam's bezel techniques. If you missed that workshop, this is your chance to catch up.

3-day Class - Jan 19-21

The three day class takes the skills learned in 2022 or in the one day workshop to new levels and beyond! Perfect your bezels and learn new techniques, skills and design ideas.

4- day Class - Jan 18-21

Take the full four day class and get it all. 


Top Inlaid Cuff Bracelet

Instructor: Chuck Bruce

Date: Feb 22, 2024



Amory Art Center


Join us for this three day class where you will learn to make a unique and elegant Inlaid Cuff Bracelet. Learn the process, which uses both silversmithing and lapidary skills, to create a beautiful work of art.


Hollow Formed Beads

Instructor: Jeanette Caines

Date: March 9, 2024



Amory Art Center


Join us for this two day class where students will join Jeanette and learn the ancient art of die making hollow beads! Jeanette has been working on this reclamation of ancient technology project for the last three years and will teach us how to make these hollow beads using this process.


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